LICHT utiliza Luz como metáfora para Conhecimento. Dividido em quatro partes, passa através da história recriando de forma alegórica momentos chave do avanço científico. A estética inspirada no Chiaroscuro marca um elo fundamental entre Arte & Ciência.

Enlightenment brings the moment of creation as described on the Bible through an artistic view for the beginning of awareness and consciousness. This also features one of the most beautiful sets of equations on Physics: The Maxwell Equations for Eletromagnetism, representing Light itself.

Finsternis envisions the coming of the Dark Ages. The dusk of reason. Church & Religion overcomes science and art. The Galileo Affair (Processo a Galileo Galilei) is here portrayed in allegory. The image of the scientist evocking the unholy. The burden of knowledge.

Iluminismo  portraits the feeling of immersion in knowledgement. Drowning in Light. It refers to the Age of Enlightment, Century of Lights.
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